Who we are today

It's the start of 2022 and we are officially in the future.

We started Trippy Tuesday in 2020. The world turned upside down. Everything changed. It is now two years later and we feel like we can crawl out of 'survival mode' and jump into action.

Trippy Tuesday is ready to dig deeper into the body normative and fat liberation movement as well as looking at those who are still massively underrepresented in our day to day lives. 

On top of this we also want to look into holding ourselves and others accountable for the way we represent ourselves and others, and bring to light the censorship we are experiencing unknowingly on a daily basis. This way we hope to contribute to making our online and offline worlds safer for all people. 

After all, being human is at the centre of who we are and at the core of all our values.


Our Origin Story:

We are Sam and Ruth, the two halves of Trippy Tuesday!
We started this adventure at the beginning of lockdown 1.0 after coming together over a mutual admiration of each others work. Since then, what started as a lockdown hobby has turned into a full blown business and a way for us to channel our ideas!
After seeing the trend of female figure candles, we both decided that instead of feeding into the (rather problematic) trend, we wanted to actively work against it by creating body-normative figures that work to normalise the bodies that are so often not represented in the mainstream.

Our Process:

We make all of our candles and jewellery from our studio in North East London. We really hold the values of 'DIY culture' and 'you're only human' close to everything we create, make and do at TT. 
Our talented housemate, Evelina, helped us design the iconic body shapes you know and love. We also create all our moulds ourselves, ranging from our full-size candles to our little wax melts.
All our candles are made from Soy Wax, Hand-Poured and painted/coloured with love by both Sam and Ruth.
Using the same body shapes from the candles, we managed to figure out how to turn the bodies you know and love into more permanent figures. 
All our Jewellery is cast, hand poured and polished with love by Anthony.
If you have any questions please e-mail us on:
Our studio is located at:
Unit D, 195 Eade Road, N4 1DN, London
We will always send out a new candle if yours arrives damaged, or gets lost in the mail when you have opted for tracked shipping.

When opting for non-tracked shipping we will not be able to offer any refunds at this time.